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Drug Trafficking and Assault Police

July 26, 2020

Drug Trafficking and Assaulting a Police Officer

On July 26, 2020 at 2:26pm two officers were dispatched to investigate a male who was suspected of consuming drugs in a public park in Southampton.  Officers arrived at the park and located the male passed out on a bench.

The male, who was known to the officers, was wanted on an outstanding warrant of arrest.

When awoken by officers the male was observed to be under the influence of drugs. Officers immediately placed the male under arrest.  A pat down search revealed a quantity of suspected purple fentanyl. He attempted to pull away from police. As the male was resisting officers observed a large “flip” knife located partially concealed in his waist band.

The male escalated and began to fight the officers who were trying to arrest him. Eventually he was restrained on the ground and cuffed.  During the struggle one of the officers was assaulted and sustained an injury.

Officers seized:

  • Six baggies containing a total of 31.3 grams of suspected purple fentanyl
  • 14 bottles of methadone
  • Digital scale
  • Two knives
  • Loaded needles with suspected fentanyl

A 34 year old man of no fixed address has been charged with:

  1. Possession Schedule 1 - Purple Fentanyl - Sec 4(1) CDSA
  2. Possession Schedule 1 - Methadone - Sec 4(1) CDSA
  3. Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Schedule 1 - Purple Fentanyl - Sec 5(2) CDSA
  4. Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Schedule 1 - Methadone - Sec 5(2) CDSA
  5. Assault with intent to resist arrest - Sec 270(1)(b) CC
  6. Breach Probation - Keep the Peace - Sec 733.1(1) CC
  7. Breach Release Order - Not Possess Weapon - Sec 145(5)(a) CC

He was held for a bail hearing and remanded into custody.

Media Relations Officer – Sergeant Andy Evans

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