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New Community Safety and Well Being Action Tables

January 17, 2024
Community Safety and Well-Being Planning Launches Action Tables to Address Community Concerns
Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (CSWBP) is proud to announce the development of two new action tables to serve the Grey and Bruce communities. The Crime Prevention Action Table and the Mental Health Action Table both launched in December 2023 as collaborative efforts to address priority risk areas. The Action Tables are led by invested community partners who use local data and evidence-informed best practices to implement upstream interventions to address concerns in the community.
The Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, through community feedback, consultation, and local data, developed a total of five priority risk areas inclusive of: Crime Prevention, Mental Health, Addictions/Substance Use, Housing and Homelessness and Poverty and Income. Each of the five priority risk areas has a dedicated action table that is focused on collaboration, information sharing, and performance measurement in-line with the Ontario CSWBP Framework. The Action Tables work with multiple stakeholders in the community to address root causes of complex social problems and implement collaborative strategies to accomplish shared goals.
What is the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (CSWBP) Grey-Bruce?
Community Safety and Well Being Planning helps improve the factors in communities that keep us healthy, happy, and safe. Together, we use research to create solutions focused on education, health care, food, housing, income, crime, and belonging. We create welcoming communities where problems are solved before they happen and where different professionals and community members come together to help people now and in the future.
The ongoing work of CSWBP is supported by an advisory committee representing over 70 partners from across Bruce and Grey who are working together to address crime prevention by investing in social development, prevention, and risk interventions. This upstream preventative model focuses on creating protective factors that make individuals less vulnerable to crime and victimization.
Want to Learn More?
One of the goals of CSWBP is ensuring a coordinated approach that leverages existing work and expertise, avoids duplication, and identifies opportunities for further action. As we work together to ensure our communities meet the needs of safety and belonging, we always welcome ideas, suggestions, and feedback from members of the community. If you have an issue you would like to see addressed as part of this planning framework or are interested in learning more about our action tables, please visit:
For more information, contact:
Adam Ferguson Corporate Communications Specialist
Corporation of the County of Bruce
Rob Hatten Communications Manager
Grey County 519-372-0219 ext 1235
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