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Saugeen Shores Police Service Press Release


Weekly Statistics   - 27 May 2013 to 2 June 2013

Total weekly incidents: 174


Incident Type


 Incident Type


911 call/911 hang-up


Neighbour dispute




Noise complaints


Ambulance assist

Non-police matter-low priority


Animal complaints


Non Traffic Accident




Other Criminal Code

Assist Probation

Person Check in


Attempt or threat of suicide

Phone calls

Bail violations

Police assistance


Bar checks

Police information


Breach of probation

Police Info Crime Stopper Tip

Break and Enter

Possession of Stolen Property


Bylaw Officer Incidents

Prevent breach of the peace


Community services


Property check


Compliance checks

Property damage

Court order


Property related


Crosswalk/School zone


Public morals

Dangerous conditions


R.I.D.E. checks


Disturb the peace

School patrol


Domestic dispute


Sexual assaults

Drug offences





Stolen Vehicle

Family disputes

Sudden deaths

Foot patrols


Suspicious persons




Suspicious vehicles




Impaired/over 80



Insecure premises

Traffic complaint


Landlord tenant disputes

Traffic Control


Liquor License Act


Traffic enforcement - H.T.A.


Mental Health Act

Traffic enforcement - other




Traffic hazard

Missing persons

Trespass to Property Act

Motor vehicle collisions


Trouble with youth


Motor Vehicles abandoned

Unwanted persons

Municipal bylaw












Press Release – 27 May 2013 to 2 June 2013


27 May 13, at 4:27 pm police attended to a Port Elgin address where a vehicle had been tampered with around the ignition area in an attempt to steal the vehicle. No suspects.

27 May 13, police attended to the Port Elgin Tourist Camp to a report of damage to the washrooms by the ball diamond. No suspects.

28 May 13, sometime overnight person(s) unknown spray painted graffiti on the side of Cathy’s Flowers downtown Port Elgin. The letters “  B E G G  “ were sprayed in black paint. No suspects.

28 May 13, at 5:06 pm police attended to a report of a stop sign that had been run over at the corner of South St and McNabb St Southampton. Someone appears to have backed over the sign and left the area.    

29 May 13, at 4:27 pm police responded to a motor vehicle collision on Acton Drive. A person backed out of a private drive into a legally parked vehicle.

29 May 13, at 9:56 pm police attended to an incident in Saugeen Shores where the vehicle lug nuts had been loosened on a vehicle. No suspects.

29 May 13, police conducted RIDE in Southampton and no impaired drivers were located.

30 May 13, at 3:09 am police stopped a vehicle in Southampton that had an expired validation tag according to MTO records but had a June 2013 validation sticker. The driver was issued a ticket for Using a Validation Tag not issued to the vehicle; fail to have insurance card and being G1 driver not accompanied by a qualified driver.

30 May 13, police caught 5 children operating their bicycles wearing proper helmets. Each was issued with “I Got Caught By The Saugeen Shores Police” t-shirts for their actions. Keep it up and protect yourself by wearing your helmet and in a vehicle always wear your seatbelt.

30 May 13, at 1:47 pm police attended to a fail to remain motor vehicle collision in the Walmart parking lot. The damage done to the parked vehicle was significant and there are no suspects.

30 May 13, police responded to a report of the grandparent fraud. I have explained in many press releases this fraud and will do so again. I will make comment that if people did not send money this fraud would go away, but because they make money at it, this fraud will continue. A grandparent gets a call from a youthful sounding person or an official sounding person pretending to be a lawyer. The request is the grandson is in jail and he does not want his parents to know and desperately needs money to get out. Please keep this a secret and wire me some money. This is a fraud, a scam a ruse. Call the kids parents and ask if you are unsure. Don’t send money.

30 May 13, at 11:23 pm police attended to the hospital to a report of a person who had a pellet in his leg. The person was not too cooperative and claimed he did it himself in Wingham at a party.

30 May 13, at 5:16 pm police attended to a complaint of a dog in a parked vehicle downtown Port Elgin. The dog did not appear in distress and the owner of the vehicle attended shortly after police attendance and was cautioned.

30 May 13, at 5:16 pm members of the Saugeen Shores Police Service and Special Olympics and teachers from Northport School had a barbecue fundraiser for Special Olympics. Thanks to Kevin Zettel, Doug Lein, Zach Mowbray, Chantel Primeau, Ken Cook, Ken McCulloch, Dan Rivett, and especially Adam Sachs who devotes countless hours to this cause with his spouse Trish Preston.

31 May 13, at 7:08 pm police attended to a minor motor vehicle rear end collision at Goderich St and Market St. No charges.

31 May 13, at 7:15 pm police responded to a disturbance at the All Seasons Motel in Port Elgin. Investigation led to the arrest of a male party for assault but the victim refused to lay charges.

1 June 13, at 2:22 am police observed a male walking along Goderich St drinking from a beer bottle. The 18 year old was charged with being under 19 years old and consuming alcohol, his beer was poured out. That’s one expensive beer, $125.00 ticket plus the beer.

1 June 13, at 3:09 am police observed a male downtown wearing only his boxing shorts. He was in an intoxicated state. Further discussion with the 23 year old Peterborough man found he had been having sex in an alley. The rest of his clothing and a used condom were located with the help of the half naked man. He was further charged under the Safe Streets Act for disposing of a used condom in a public place. He received two fines totaling $190.00, no comment.

1 June 13, at 10:09 am police attended to a theft of a stone bistro set from a Mill St address. No Suspects.

2 June 13, 6:03 am police responded to a report of a disturbance or domestic in a residential area of Port Elgin. Police located three people walking, one of the parties had a very difficult time standing up. The 25 year old male was arrested for public intoxication and en-route to turn him over to a sober relative in Port Elgin he kicked the rear side window out of the cruiser. He will also face mischief charges.

2 June 13, at 8:16 am police responded to the Port Elgin Trailer Park to a report of damage to the office. No suspects.

2 June 13, at 1:24 pm police responded to a report of someone stealing flagstone pieces from their property. The personalize plate was tracked to the owner who admitted being there but not to stealing or attempting to steal any stone. No charges, warned for trespassing.        

This week we have had two occasions where someone operating a vehicle has caused damage to another person’s vehicle, and ran over a stop sign. Both instances the operator of the vehicle should have been aware of what they did. In both instances both drivers should have picked up the phone and called someone to take responsibility for what they have done. In the case of the damaged vehicle, someone through no fault of their own is now on the hook to pay for the damage done by another. In the case of the stop sign, you could have been partially responsible for another accident or injury due to the sign not being obeyed. You can call it paying it forward, taking responsibility for what you have done, being honest, having a conscience or whatever, just be honest.  

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police             


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